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Jared Kushner Has Quietly Become A Major Player In The Trump Campaign

New York

Jared Kushner, CEO of the Kushner Cos and publisher of the New York Observer, has quietly added a new line to his résumé over the past few months—senior adviser to his father-in-law Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Jared, who in 2009 married Trump’s daughter Ivanka—herself one of the presumptive Republican nominee’s closest advisers and an active figure in her father's real estate business—has quickly risen to a position of immense influence in the Trump campaign team, the Associated Press reports.

Over the last few weeks alone, Jared has helped The Donald vet potential running mates and assisted him with writing speeches, and he plays a role in the campaign’s recent push to incorporate voter data into its fundraising, strategy and policy development.

He’s also had a seat at the table for some of the campaign’s most high-profile outreach efforts, like serving on a delegation that met with Speaker Paul Ryan’s policy team last month, courting cognoscenti like Henry Kissinger to discuss Trump’s foreign policy and attending campaign planning meetings in New York.

Jared’s calm demeanor and connections in the Jewish community and media have helped him gain Trump’s trust and respect, despite his lack of formal political experience. He’s also benefited from an internal power struggle between Trump’s notoriously hot-blooded campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, and Paul Manafort, the campaign’s cool, calculating chairman. [AP]