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Icon Parking Sued, Again, For 18 Months Of Unpaid Rent

Icon Parking Garage at 235 West 22nd St.

More cars are coming back to the city, but one parking company is still allegedly a year and a half behind on rent at multiple locations.

Solil Management, which owns 235 West 22nd St., is suing tenant Icon Parking for $700K in rental arrears at that property, Crain’s New York Business reported

In a suit filed last week, the landlord claims Icon has not made its monthly payment at the property since the coronavirus pandemic hit in March 2020. This is the same claim Icon’s other landlords have made as well in other lawsuits, per Crain’s. 

One landlord, S&P Associates, which owns Icon-occupied 30 West 63rd St., described the alleged systemic pattern of withholding rent at many locations in a claim filed in July. 

“The ongoing scheme perpetrated by Icon entities against the Plaintiff, among other New York City landlords, wrongfully exploited the COVID-19 pandemic by continuing to collect revenue from parking customers without paying rent or for their use and occupation of the premises for as long as possible,” S&P Associates said in the complaint

S&P also claims that the parking company is “defrauding” the landlords and others it owes money by pulling much of the money it’s making at the garages to other entities, according to the complaint. 

“Plaintiff learned, from a sworn filing made on behalf of Icon Holdings in a bankruptcy proceeding for an Icon affiliate that Icon Holdings and its affiliated parking garage entities utilize a ‘centralized and integrated cash management system,’ whereby funds deposited into each parking garage entity’s separate bank account or accounts are swept and transferred daily into a ‘master’ account maintained by Icon Holdings,” the landlord says in the lawsuit. 

Icon could not immediately be reached for comment.