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Get Your Green Building Even Greener

New York

CodeGreen Solutions principal Chris Cayten says that the sustainability and energy management company is digging deeper to find even more options for energy improvement and to get better access to data on a more granular level. One popular solution: installing real-time meters for tenants, which pulls data every five minutes, helps identify any outliers in energy patterns, and reveals the how and why of energy waste. Chris says the company works with major commercial landlords and third-party management companies; many Class-A and B buildings are now using energy legislation to their advantage (instead of it being a stumbling block). The way to teach them to fish: Tenants and landlords are in it together when driving down energy use. It’s not just the landlord/owner’s responsibility to win a good Energy Star score. Fortunately, the new Millennial workforce has sustainability and conservation in its world view. For more information on our Bisnow partner, click here.