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CPEX Mentorship Program Already Underway


Memorial Day has come and gone, which means summer in New York City is upon us—along with all the students arriving for their summer internships. Our friends at CPEX got an early start with their Mentorship Program, with the second year of their partnership with Magen David Yeshivah High School. Jack Sardar, Esty Ammach, Florence Hassoun and Joseph Beyda spent several weeks at CPEX as part of the capstone project that places graduating seniors at businesses throughout the city. The students helped CPEX produce research reports, attended walk-throughs and closings, and assisted with CPEX’s marketing and PR initiatives. “I believe it was a fruitful and meaningful experience for the Magen David students,” CPEX managing partner Timothy King told us. “But we learned as much, if not more, from them. Their energy and enthusiasm were infectious, and we couldn’t be more thankful for their hard work.” To learn more about our partner, CPEX, and its Mentorship Program, visit