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After 34 Years Izod Goes Dark

New York

First the New Jersey Devils left, then the Nets headed to the Barclays Center. Now, after a 10 to 2 vote, Bruce Springsteen’s New Jersey fans will no longer be able to relive the “Glory Days” at the Izod Center (above), reports the NY Times. New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority executive director Wayne Hasenbalg announced that the 34-year-old arena (formerly Brendan Byrne arena), expected to lose $8.5M this year, will close its doors by the end of the month. Local hotel operators are less than thrilled as they watch 800 rooms booked by the WWE for an August event go down the drain. (A steel cage match will determine who pays for all the rooms.) But while local businesses and hotels face an uncertain future, the Devils are doing a victory dance, as they have less competition. Their new home, Newark’s Prudential Center, struck an agreement with NJSEA to pay $2M over four years and try to accommodate Izod’s events.