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Emerge212's Jessica Rogers and Meghan Betz
The way companies choose workspaces and office environments is continually evolving, Emerge212 director James J. Kleeman tells us. (Above, we snapped colleagues Jessica Rogers and Meghan Betz at Bisnow’s recent New York State of the Market event, which Emerge212 sponsored.) Workspace providers such as Emerge212 have adapted to today’s businesses, which demand high-design,sophisticated and reliable technology, and flexible terms. Such a combination of benefits is much more appealing to smaller companies and satellite offices than the traditional options out there. Recently, the firm has seen a surge in digital media and financial companies. “Supporting the changing needs of these companies and helping them succeed is why we are in business, and we’re thankful that the current demand has allowed us to shift into expansion mode,” he says—look out for new Emerge212 spaces early next year and read more about our sponsor here.
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