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New York
marketing expert Christina Norsig outside with investment guru Eric Michael Anton
No need to up your ginkgo, that jewlery store wasn't there last time you checked. With plenty of unoccupied retail stores on the market right now, pop-up stores have become a commodity in reinvigorating vacant space. Capitalizing on the trend of these temporary set-ups, retail and marketing expert Christina Norsig has teamed up with investment guru Eric Michael Anton (in a venture separate from Eastern Consolidated) to offer a national online exchange, called, dedicated to helping landlords, brokers, and retailers utilize unused space. The database is searchable by city and state; although most of the properties listed so far are in NY, keep your eyes peeled for an overall national launch by April.
Pop-up store in SoHo
Christina, also the founder of, has launched eight pop-up stores over the years and understands the intricacies involved—a month-to-month lease can turn into something greater. In ’07, she transformed a 1.7k-SF SoHo space into a holiday store (above), receiving nearly free rent in return for renovating the space; in turn, the landlord attracted a long-term lease after her pop-up left. Leasing agents or landlords list the space on PopUpInsider for a $499 flat fee, and the properties are also promoted in media and PopUpInsider newsletters. She notes that this is not competing with brokers, but rather a means to generate leads for empty space.
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