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SPOTLIGHT: Windels Marx

New York
SPOTLIGHT:  Windels Marx
Windels Marx's Howard Simon, Katy Finch, and Charles Damato
The numbers are in! New York City just released its 2012/13 assessment roll, which rose by 7% for commericial and 5% for residential properties (excluding single-family homes). But property owners can contest their assessment. Katy Finch of the Windels Marx tax cert group says that preparation is key. And it’s certainly been the key to success for Windels Marx, which has saved their clients millions of dollars in assessment reductions. Howard Simon,Katy Finch, and Charles Damato are advocates for all types of property owners, including commercial, residential, industrial, hotel, and mixed-use. Protests must be filed by March 1. Contact Windels Marx here or download their brochure.
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