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New York
Scott Cawood Baltimore sculpture
Artist Scott Cawood was inspired to create this scrap metal sculpture when he was staying at an artist’s loft in Brooklyn. Looking across the East River at Manhattan’s skyline, the texture of the city, both in appearance and vibe, gave him an idea. When it came down to making his first pieces, though, he started with Baltimore, a city with which he’s more familiar.
Scott Cawood NYC sculpture
He tackled NYC second. He was working on the first section—the Twin Towers, to establish scale—on Sept. 11, 2001. A friend’s phone call, to ask whether Scott had heard the news, interrupted his artwork. The bewildered, crumbling sense of loss most people felt that day doubled up on him as both a citizen and an artist. Ultimately Scott did include them, noting that skylines always change, and each piece is a sculpture in time. He tells us each sculpture takes six to eight months (he's usually working on another project at the same time) and sells for about $8,000. And the day before we spoke with him, he'd received an inquiry for a San Francisco commission, which he accepted. Check out more of his work here.
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