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Real Estate Rockys!

New York
Real Estate Rockys!
Cushman & Wakefield’s Ian Lerner, Matt Seigel, and Christian Stanton with Empire State Building's Lauren Davidson
Congrats to Cushman & Wakefield’s Ian Lerner, Matt Seigel, andChristian Stanton, the team that won the 2011 Empire State Building Run-Up: Broker’s Challenge last week (joining them is ESB director of business development Lauren Davidson). Matt also came in first among all the individuals, ascending the 1,576 stepsfrom the lobby to the observatory—that’s 86 stories—in a mere 15 minutes and 28 seconds. We’d be even more impressed if they made the dash in their suits.
Tishman Construction's uan Estevez,  Brian Rabitaille, Andrew Syvertsen, Jennifer Uczen, and Terence McDonagh
Here's Tishman Construction's crew: team captain Juan Estevez(16:51), Brian Rabitaille (17:40), Andrew Syvertsen (16:08),Jennifer Uczen (21:12), and Terence McDonagh (21:20). What kind of training did it take? Over a year, they report, meeting weekly for an extremely demanding stair-run workout that totaled over 19,000 stories as a team. This will prepare them for when One and Four World Trade Center deliver—One WTC will be the tallest US building upon completion. The team is currently managing construction of the new skyscrapers.