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REITs Patient

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REITs Patient
Boston Properties' Ray Ritchey and Doug Linde
We finally have a chance to catch up on last week's REITWeek in Chicago, where our Windy City reporter snapped this of Boston Properties' Ray Ritchey and Doug Linde, who spoke about the future of their business on Thursday. Doug emphasized that Boston Properties wants to continue to invest in core markets like New York. He also noted that DC seems to have an unlimited appetite for space because of government demand. The company recently pulled out of its involvement with One World Trade Center because it was concerned about the ability of the project to be insured.
Simon Property Group's David Simon
“We've moved on.” That was the message delivered by Simon Property Group's David Simon (right) about the group's attempt to buy General Growth Properties. Since then, he's focused on what he sees as a slow-and-steady growth market for retailers, with Cabella's and Forever 21 taking up larger spaces that may have been small anchors in the past. Simon is being patient in all locations, including its successful expansion to Europe, because there's no pressure to do a deal right now, he says.