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REFM's Three Big Surprises

New York
REFM's Three Big Surprises
Bruce Kirsch
Real Estate Financial Modeling founder Bruce Kirsch can illuminate the dark world of JV partnership structures. He says it's often a murky, secretive business, usually discussed just over cocktails or on the golf course. In these sensitive deals, the devil is in the details: A simple “and” or “or” in the agreement can make a world of difference for either party. Casting a net (and a 100-question survey) nationwide, Bruce has ID'd dozens of these structures. The result (and here’s where you benefit): a searchable database of venture partnership structures at your fingertips. Join Bruce for a free seminar at noon EST this Thursday, Jan. 19, to hear all the details and how you can put this research to work for you. Bruce promises at least three big surprises found in 2011 that can benefit you in 2012. To register, click here.