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Q&A With Eastern Consolidated's Daun Paris

New York
Q&A With Eastern Consolidated's Daun Paris
Eastern Consolidated's Daun Paris
Like many people in the business, Eastern Consolidated presidentDaun Paris began her CRE career by accident. During the summer of her junior year at Sarah Lawrence, she had a random meeting with an attorney working as a Whitbread-Nolan investment sales broker, who introduced her to the field. She then began in investment sales at the firm right after college. “I never looked back,” she tells us. As fate would have it, she met Peter Hauspurg there and they co-foundedEastern Consolidated, one of the top CRE investment services firm, three years later. That was 30 years ago; in February, they'll celebrate29 years of marriage.Bisnow: What's your most memorable business moment?

Daun: During the market downturn of 1988, when investment sales brokerages were closing and there were only a handful left, we made a radical about-turn. We decided to triple in size and grow when everyone else was downsizing. We believed that success would follow if we created a business environment where a large group of seasoned brokers could work together and share ideas and information. So we took the leap, tripling the size of our space, and opened an office at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, attracting some of the top talent in the business. The gamble paid off and Eastern has grown to a select team of 40 brokers with a 30-year track record of success in all property types.

Bisnow: Who are your mentors?

Daun: These industry legends include Seymour Durst, Fred Rose,Sol Goldman, and Steve and Nancy Green, among many others.

Bisnow: What are some of the greatest lessons you've learned?

Daun: Lots over the years:

  • Truth and full disclosure can't be beat
  • It takes years to build a great reputation, but you can destroy it in an instant
  • Make sure you do your due diligence before you endorse people or deals
  • Never stop expanding your world of contacts
  • Always take time to help a junior broker overcome an obstacle; you will have an admirer for life
  • Never stop giving to those less fortunate—it's my personal insurance policy
  • Get involved and give back to your community
  • It can often take years of building a relationship before you close a deal with someone
  • Surround yourself with professionals

Bisnow: Who is Daun outside of the office?

Daun: I'm not known for my moderation. A passionate sports and physical activity enthusiast, I have been skiing since I could walk. My bags are always packed with a yoga mat as well, which provides me with great workouts and clarity of thought. Additionally, I love designand study with a variety of artists in a studio six hours a week. Finally, my heart is with the Northern Westchester Hospital where I'm very active as a Trustee; I'm also on the Board of Trustees of the Jewish Child Care Association.