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New York
The $475M refinancing of SL Green’s Viacom Building and seeing Ryan Seacrest aren’t the only recent exciting happenings on Broadway. Did you know that Project Runway’s November ‘09 finale was taped at one of the street’s fashion centers?
Kaufman Org partner Michael Heaner
The man who helped make it happen (and not a bad dresser himself): Kaufman Org partner Michael Heaner, who leases 1407 Broadway. The building saw over 300k SF in deals in ’09 and its location in the Garment District led to most of them being industry-related tenants. He tells us Project Runway chose the building as the design center for its finale, occupying the space for six weeks last January through February. After the show transformed the 12k-SF space, he says he didn’t even recognize it. The deal is in line with the building’s focus—renting out-of-the-box and short-term space for tenants.
Michael Heaner with photoshopped images of Heidi Klub and Tim Gunn
Since the location was under wraps until the show aired, we weren’t able to drop by and see the space—but we imagine this is what hanging out with Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn would have looked like (and no, Mike didn’t get a chance to meet them). Many tenants attracted to 1407 need flexibility, as they don’t know their long-term requirements, he says. One of its recent leases, women’s wear designer Michelin Star, took 3.7k SF for four years. Availabilities in the 1.1M-SF building range from 1.5k to 40k SF, including the 9k-SF fourth floor with a huge, walkable terrace.