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New Frontiers of Marketing

New York
New Frontiers of Marketing
Warburg Realty Partnership president Frederick Peters
Technology is blurring the lines of marketing and building a reach that was unimaginable in days of print, says Warburg Realty Partnership president Frederick Peters, whose firm has been leveraging technologies like the iPhone, blogging, and online listings for clients. Warburg no longer markets apartment and co-op units its selling in print classifieds. Between sharing them with ancillary sites like and REBNY's, and pushing them on Warburg's iPhone application, he tells us you're reaching a buyer base that's actually interested in the marketed space. In old days, this same space was not appropriate for 75% of people who responded to a newspaper ad, he says.
Warburg Realty Partnership's AroundMe app iPhone app
Warburg will be developing more iPhone applications, like its AroundMe app, above, for its clients. It's also developed a password-protected site for its sellers, allowing them to see where their properties have been marketed, hits they've received, and what e-mails have been sent about the listing. Fred also blogs about general-interest real estate topics—his belief is that if he positions himself and Warburg as thought leaders for the industry, it drives people to Warburg's site, giving listings more credibility. Another tip: a photo and description is no longer enough, he says. As a content creator, descriptions need to be crafted to whet the customer's appetite, with a little bit of a mystery to pique interest.