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New York
Green’s addictive, and Monday Properties can't get enough of it. After a multi-year capital improvement plan, 230 Park Ave has been certified Energy Star, BOMA 360, and LEED-EB Gold (the first pre-war, landmarked NYC building to do so) “and now we want to go to the next bar,” says SVP of property management and operations Hani Salama. The Class-A building has reduced its energy every year since 2007 for a total slash of 250 kWh in usage annually. To put it in perspective, that’s 600 60-watt light bulb s running for eight hours per day. Even though the building has a higher occupancy rate than it did four years ago, it’s running more energy efficiently. This is thanks to AtSite building tracking technology and Monday’s efforts to reduce 400 tenants "which brings a lot of loss factor” to 95 multi-floor occupants, he tells us.

The next step: getting tenants in on the game. Many of them are sustainably minded already, like tenant ING, which has its own LEED certified space in the building, Hani says. To keep up awareness, Monday will be holding tenant events to help others along, teaching them how to shut off lights (more complicated than you think),consolidate office operations, and use Energy Star equipment.(The take away: It actually is easy being green.) This will help with Monday’s participation in the EPA Energy Star “Battle of the Buildings” in which 245 commercial buildings nationwide go head-to-head in measuring monthly energy consumption using the Energy Star online tracking tool and making performance improvements. A group of finalists will be chosen in July, and the building that demonstrates the greatest percentage-based reduction in energy will be named the winner in November. Monday’s created a Facebook page to boost excitement for the competition, and if it gets 5,000 likes, Monday will donate $5,000 to The Conservation Fund.
1000 Wilson Blvd, Rosslyn, VA
Now Monday’s taking what it’s achieved in New York and applying it to its Washington, DC and Northern Virginia portfolio. 1000(pictured), 1100, and 1101 Wilson Blvd in Rosslyn have Energy Star ratings, and are aiming for LEED Gold and BOMA 360 certification.1401, 1501, and 1515 Wilson Blvd, in addition to DC’s 2100 2nd St, will be getting their Energy Stars in a month, then will follow along the same path. And 1812 North Moore, a 35-story, 581k SF office tower under development in Arlington, is being built to LEED Platinum standards. Overall, there’s been a 22.6% decrease in energy consumption in Monday’s entire portfolio since 2007, Hani says—and it wants to know just how green it can get. (We love chartreuse, personally).