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MetLife Stadium Stats

New York

Well, if the game wasn't interesting, at least the stadium is. Last night, NFL fans filled all 82,500 of MetLife Stadium’s seats (80% recycled cast iron and 20% recycled plastic), watched the Seahawks route the Broncos on 2,100 HD monitors, and listened to Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers through 2,500 speakers. Skanska delivered the 2.1M SF stadium in 2010, and it includes seven club lounges, 52 bars, 217 luxury suites, and 1,202 beer taps, which compounds the low-flow toilets’ and waterless urinals’ efficiency. In fact, sustainability features have saved the first Certified Green Restaurant stadium $20M so far. (The Broncos earned LEED points for appearing not to expend much energy.) Thanks to our heartbroken, Broncos-fanatic friend Meridith Piper for this picture from last night.