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Meet Henri Matisse's Great Grandaughter

New York
Meet Henri Matisse's Great Grandaughter


100 years after the astonishing International Exhibition of Modern Art show at NYC's 69th Armory that introduced Americans to Marcel Duchamp's Nude Descending a Staircase, we joined AREW, gallery broker Cindy Farkas Glanzrock,Francis Naumann; and painter Sophie Matisse at Francis' gallery to view variations on the famous painting. Sophie's MO is to riff on classic portraits by removing the figure; for her piece, she filled the gap with an aerial view of a staircase in Duchamp's house. Her grandmother Teeny was married to Henri Matisse's son Pierre before wedding Duchamp. Cindy helps artists find galleries and is repping several galleries that are relocating, expanding, or opening their first space. She also repped the restaurant Granduca Di Sicilia in its recent Flatiron lease and is working with fashion companies and a boutique hotel.

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