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New York

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Manhattan borough prez Scott Stringer and Monday Properties CEO
Last night, we snapped Manhattan borough prez Scott Stringer and Monday Properties CEO Anthony Westreich pressing the big red button that turned the landmarked 230 Park Ave into NYC’s newest lighted attraction. The entire north facade and all sides of the top of the building are now bathed in colored light from new, computer-controlled LED lighting, which will both highlight the building architecture with static light or create a festive light display for holidays or special events. Also in attendance: NYC Landmarks Commission chair Robert Tierney and Grand Central Partnership CEO Fred Cerullo.
230 Park Ave
The colors and brightness of each of the 700 fixtures can be manipulated independently and instantaneously; it’s also 71% more efficient than the previous roof fixtures, according to Monday Properties SVP of property management and operations Hani Salama. (Do you think they pre-installed the Mets' blue and orange in the event they win the World Series, or would that be considered an inefficient use?)