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WASHINGTON DC 07.20.2017


Creating a Successful Mixeduse Project Through Curated Retail & Restaurant

Wilbur "Tom" Simmons -- Kimco Realty
Richard Lake -- Roadside Development
David Ward -- H&R Retail
It’s been over six months since Real Estate Bisnow New York launched daily, and we now have a loyal following of over 10,000 readers. People still ask who we are (there are also people who think WWII is still going on), so we thought we’d give you a recap.
Bisnow’s a DC-based electronic newsletter questing for Trump-like domination, or at least to break even. We have eight newsletters in Washington (Free! Subscribe here!), with real estate our first foray into the Big Apple. Our schtick is being colorful, entertaining, picture-heavy, yet informative and fluff-free. We also try to make reading quick: bolded words, mercifully short. Our motto: "(Almost) Never Boring." The amazing upshot? People actually read us. Our New York staff includes Brad White (left) and Amanda Marsh (right), and we also include our fearless leader, Mark Bisnow. For those who thought we were Biz Now or Biz Know, now it can be revealed: Somehow, that is a real name.
Amanda’s duties include blinding you with her camera, prying optimism out of the most sullen exec, and covering the latest and the greatest in New York commercial real estate. You’ve probably seen her at (almost) every event, snapping away and writing furiously in her marble notebook. She’s always looking for interesting,newsworthy stories on people, firms, projects, deals, and events. Bonus points if you let her snap photos on your building’s roof.
Angelina with our Brad (although we’re sure he’ll leave paternal duties to the other). He’s the newest addition to the New York and DC offices, in charge of our exciting calendar of events, like our Government 2.0 Breakfast and Schmooze on April 27 and The New Washington III conference on April 30. Our events attract big crowds in DC, and he’ll soon be rolling out the red carpet in New York.
And finally, a look at our DC team snapped an hour ago: We had to wake them up and dangle the promise of food, but they all say hi, and many of them will soon be in New York. Come visit us and play ping pong.
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