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MillerQA CEO Jonathan Miller
We've seen many Bisnow readers at presentations, eyes glazing over while stats like absorption, vacancy, and cap rates are shot out at a rapid-fire pace. (Note: We're not talking about our as-interesting-as-a-cat-on-YouTube Breastfast & Schmoozes.) But real estate commentator Jonathan Miller, whom many of you know as CEO of appraisal/consultancy firm MillerSamuel, is looking to change that with a new entity called MillerQA, which he just launched with Dina Miller, Cheryl Miller, John Cicero, and Karen van de Vrande. Jonathan, who gives two or three presentations per week on the state of the market, tells us that the best part is always the interactive Q&A portion. MillerQA will be offering seminars with information on the NYC and national housing markets and the implications they have for professionals whose businesses are impacted by the real estate industry, such as developers, attorneys, accountants, and architects.
MillerQA Karen van de Vrande, Cheryl Miller, Dina Miller, John Cicero, and Jonathan Miller
The team, making GQ photographers jealous: COO/chief marketing officer Karen, CFO Cheryl, chief administration officer Dina, CIO John, and CEO Jonathan. Instead of overwhelming the audience with stats—many times coming across like press releases or sound bytes for companies presenting them—Jonathan says MillerQA will be presenting non-biased, entertaining stats in bullet points, and encourages the audience to use an i>Clicker (a technology that many “American Idol” fans are familiar with) to provide feedback during the presentation through surveys. The first seminar will be on Oct. 7, and will feature a Q3 overview on real estate housing trends and an interview with housing attorney Steven Wagner, of Wagner David PC, on legal issues related to buying and selling co-ops and condos in today's market.