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New York
Now’s the time for owners to creatively avoid idle space that isn't contributing to the bottom line. From advertising to television shoots, SL Green subsidiary eEmerge’s James Kleeman tells us how it’s done.
SL Green subsidiary eEmerge’s James Kleeman
While leases for retail spaces are being negotiated, SL Green actively markets and uses the spaces for short-term pop-ups and experiential marketing campaigns, including monthly interactive ads, he says. 521 Fifth Avenue, for one, was home to an ESPN advertisement promoting Monday Night Football that allowed you to play on screen with a professional team. Other similar campaigns in SL Green buildings include MTV, Carnival Cruise Lines, and Yahoo! And vacant floors and rooftops have been used for filming, including AMC’s “Mad Men,” NBC’s “30 Rock,” and recent flick Did You Hear About The Morgans?
SL Green subsidiary eEmerge’s James Kleeman and Alexandra Bogen at 1515 Broadway
On the eEmerge side, James and managing director Alexandra Bogen tell us there’s an uptick in laid-off employees starting their own companies. In turn, both executive office space and virtual offices are picking up steam, allowing executives to either work from a prestigious Manhattan address (like 1515 Broadway, where eEmerge recently acquired two floors) on a monthly basis, or work from home with the benefits of that address. Other perks include a 212 phone number, immediate access to desks and conference rooms, and a virtual assistant for as little as $195 per month. 1515 even includes an in-house bar for socializing, where eEmerge holds “An Affair In Times Square” monthly to further promote the space to brokers and businesses.