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Healthy Market Segments

Healthy Market Segments
Healthy Market Segments
Mancini Duffy is reaping the rewards of diversification seeds planted seven years ago. We met with John Sadlon, Steve Bleiweiss(CMO), and chairman Tony Schirripa, partners who lead global efforts through its International Partners in Design consortium. Recent diversifying efforts, like adding studio/broadcast and healthcare practice segments (combined, we call it the Sanjay Gupta segment), have put them in the center of an expanding market. To drive growth, the firm hired architectural practitioners John Montalbano for broadcast and John Patey for healthcare.
Healthy Market Segments
Mancini Duffy reports that growth in both segments is rooted in the continuing development of digital technologies. Sustainable design is also high in demand; it’s about to start construction on Cushman & Wakefield’s new HQ at 1290 Avenue of the Americas, aiming for LEED Silver, and has also achieved either Gold or Silver certification on several interiors projects over the last three years.
Healthy Market Segments
In addition to healthcare and broadcast, Mancini Duffy is putting more focus on building design, led by partner Anik Jhaveri, and higher education, market segments that have historically run counter-cyclically to traditional corporate interiors work. They’ve also been active charitably; the office recently joined in the city-wide City Harvest “Skip Lunch for Hunger” campaign, and also finished pro-bono work for Columbia University Nobel Peace prize winner Martin Chalfie. Tony was just also announced as AIA New York’s president for ’10. Congrats!
WASHINGTON DC 07.20.2017


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