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New York
JLC Environmental president Jennifer Carey
Many don't think about how environmental issues affect buildings, so we stopped by JLC Environmental's W. 26th Street office to find out what regulations are most impacting NYC properties. President Jennifer Carey tells us that in the forefront is the EPA's new laws concerning lead paint, which affects thousands of residential units in NYC built before ‘78. Now building managers have to make sure building staff and outside contractors are trained in handling lead during building renovations. Jennifer is working with the NY Association of Realty Managers to disseminate information on the new laws to building managers, owners, shareholders, and residents.
JLC Environmental President Jennifer Carey with Sylvie Germain Covey's The Fence
The NYC Department of Environmental Protection also recently implemented new regulations on asbestos removal to prevent incidents like ‘07's Deutsche Bank Building fire, so Jennifer's working with clients to file jobs with the DEP and keep projects on track. And as LEED certification popularity grows, she's helping clients gain environmental quality points by addressing factors like post-construction particulate monitoring, carbon emissions, and volatile organic compounds. We snapped this of Jennifer in front ofThe Fencenot only because of its beautiful nature scene, but because it also has a real estate connection: artist Sylvie Germain Covey was married to the late Shan Covey, who worked for The Durst Org for many years (one of her paintings was acquired recently by the Met.)