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New York
Furniture Resellers owner Russ Castro
Ever wonder what happens to office furniture when a major tenant moves or leaves the market? It just may be getting reupholstered and refurbished into like-new condition at Furniture Resellers' Englishtown, NJ warehouse, ready to find a second home at a more affordable price. We met with owner Russ Castro, who's been in the office furniture reselling & liquidating business for 20 years, since “green was just a color,” he says. He's seen many cycles of major tenant shifting, including the S&L aftermath, dot-com bust, and the post-Lehman collapse, but this time is different, he says—now even Fortune 100 and 500 companies that once only purchased new are looking to save money and be green by purchasing used desks and cubicles from the changing tenant landscape.
Refurbished executive desk set
Furniture Resellers liquidates furniture from all size firms and continues to save clients on their build-outs, Russ says.The furniture is housed in its 125k SF warehouse and over 100 trailers, and once refurbished, sells for up to 80% less than its original price (he pointed to a $12k executive set that he sold for $1.8k). The firm has even responded to the uptick in home offices by creating a satellite company that sells single sets—he says peoples setting up these offices understand quality after working behind an expensive piece of furniture for years. Another growing niche is helping landlords clear out offices after tenants up and leave, or refreshing the furniture in the space so the landlord can lease or sublease the space in move-in condition.
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