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New York
Buffy, Macee, Barbara Fox, Annie, and Corki
We at Bisnow are big fans of our furry friends, but Fox Residential president Barbara Fox is on an entirely different level. She founded Woof Dog Rescue eight years ago to save dogs (and cats) from the city's overcrowded kill shelters, get them healthy and resocialized, and place them in foster homes and eventually permanent ones. Woof has placed 500 dogs and cats so far, including these four girls, who now live with Barbara full time. She says a lot of shelter dogs get a bad rap, including that camera-shy white cutie Annie, whose humans had been evicted from their apartment and abandoned her there. She's not a bad dog—great in fact—but she'd just had a rough go of it. Also with Barbara: her first rescue, Buffy; Macee, hit by a car but now fully recovered from a broken pelvis; and Corki. Two rescued cats, Winky and Smudgie, await this crew at home.
Here's our home-office dog Max taking a siesta on the couch. We took on this darling 12 years ago just before she was shipped off to a shelter, and we haven't regretted a moment (well, there were a couple canisters of carpet cleaner we would have preferred to leave in the cupboard). She's great at reminding us to take breaks. We'd love to see pics of your office pups and hear how they help out around the place. Send 'em!
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