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Meeting of NYC Corporate Real Estate Alliance of Talent and Expertise (CREATE)
Yesterday, we also dropped by Mancini Duffy’s W. 13th St. office for a meeting of NYC Corporate Real Estate Alliance of Talent and Expertise (CREATE). The new group includes professionals—from architects to brokers and managers—who've been laid off or are working as-needed. Denise Burke (third from bottom) tells us that they’ve banded together to create a full range of real estate services for corporations and service providers who're working with smaller budgets and a fraction of their former staff and may need an extra pair of hands or expert advice. These $10k opportunities are bite-sized, but it’s a way to bridge the employment gap.
Anthony Scandariato and Denise Burke, and Mark Cohen of Mark Cohen & Co
Senior financial executive Anthony Scandariato and Denise with “career transition strategist” Mark Cohen of Mark Cohen & Co., who presented on how to approach transitions. Remain efficient,effective, and not drowning in failure, he says; this market is about the resumé, interview, networking, business affect, negotiation, and communication. The most important of these is networking, getting yourself in front of people, and making sure they love you. In an interview, you have to have the attitude that the employer wants you, not you want them.
Mancini Duffy’s Lee Trimble (left) speaks to the attendees at CREATE meeting
Mancini Duffy’s Lee Trimble (left) speaks to the attendees about his firm. Many companies have donated space for NYC CREATE; it's held meetings at Gensler, Ted Moudis Associates, Haworth and others. Currently, the group is getting its first calls on opportunities; the per diem or project candidates are submitted to the firm for review, and upon selection, are provided with a quote tailored to the service required, but without recruiting fees or long-term contracts. Denise tells us that a few members have already left for jobs, and the group’s greatest hope is to become obsolete, as people are hired. To learn more or to look for candidates, visit NYC CREATE’s website.