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10 Ways To Be A Successful Young Real Estate Broker


CBRE senior associate Evan Fiddle recently completed his third year of office brokerage. Part of his business strategy is using social media not just as a networking tool, but also as a medium for offering advice. His recent post on LinkedIn is an example of how young professionals use social media as a community for learning and growth.

How To Be A Successful Young Broker:

1. Find a mentor/team to work with. Find a senior partner who you can trust and who is willing to be your guide. It is the foundation for your success.

2-4. Invest in yourself. This could have been No. 1. Since it is not, it is numbers two, three and four. A major benefit of office brokerage is that you control your time. This gives you great power and a number of options. Learn how to become more social, more knowledgeable, more presentable and more of what you want and need to be. Improving yourself improves your business.

5. Schedule time to canvass. Cold calling is not fun, but it is critical. Carve out time and honor your commitment. It requires developing a system where canvassing becomes part of your routine, but you need to find what works for you.

6. Be positive. Be purposefully positive. When bad things happen, change your focus and find the lesson or the opportunity. Anyone can do this — read "The Obstacle is the Way" by Ryan Holiday for more inspiration.

7. Be present. Simon Sinek had a good interview recently on Millennials in the workplace. When you are in a meeting, really be in the meeting. Listen. Take notes. Ask questions. Do not look at your phone. You will learn much faster.

8. Say no. Do not say yes to everything. Consider who the person is asking you to do the assignment, the time involved to complete it and the potential money that can be made. If you find the “right” way to say no, your decision will be respected.

9. Don't compare yourself to others. Comparing yourself to others only guarantees negativity. It is extremely hard to avoid, especially in a job where promotions are based on how much money you make. This realization came while reading "The Gifts of Imperfection" by Brene Brown. “I can’t tell you how many times I’m feeling so good about myself and my life and my family, and then in a split second it’s gone because I consciously or unconsciously start comparing myself to other people,” she wrote.

10. Understand your value. Young brokers are extremely valuable. You have time, new ideas, new relationships and new perspectives that can help your senior broker. Know you possess this value and make sure your senior broker realizes that.

These are 10 great ideas to get you motivated and thinking about how to put them into everyday practice. Have a comment to share? Connect with Evan to keep the conversation going.

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