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Billion Dollar CEO: More Women in Top Real Estate Spots, Please


Bozzuto Group CEO Toby Bozzuto (pictured) laid out a game plan for his father’s 27-year-old company Tuesday after officially taking the top spot. In addition to wanting to grow the 51,000 unit, $1B/year company to other markets, Toby wants to bring more women into senior positions and make Bozzuto a more welcoming place for the company’s 2,000 employees. “I would like to really get a better understanding of gender equality in the workplace, get a better understanding of why there are very few women in leadership positions in real estate in the US,” Toby says. “And I want to understand that and see how we can do better.”

Many of the company’s top positions, including the owners, are all men, but Toby does have some women in key positions, including Bozzuto Management president Julie A. Smith and CMO Jamie S. Gorski. Toby is not planning a ton of changes for the company’s operations—keeping his father as chairman and a member of the investment committee—but insists that addressing the gender gap will be key to Bozzuto's remaining competitive and a good place to work. [WaPo]