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Trump Team Discusses Solutions To Conflicts Of Interest

Former President Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s aides have hatched the idea of an arrangement they hope solves the myriad conflict of interest problems the president-elect faces before he's inaugurated Jan. 20.

The plan falls short of a blind trust—which has been the norm for politicians and their personal finances—opting instead for a discretionary trust, where Trump would still be able to see how his financial holdings are doing. Critics say all the arrangement does is side-step conflict-of-interest laws, taking fault with how it would allow Trump and his family to enjoy some legal benefits of a blind trust while still allowing them to see how their businesses are performing, Politico reports. 

While it’s unclear whether these suggestions are meant specifically for Trump, his family or Cabinet members, the discussions show Trump’s team is considering options that fall short of what ethics watchdogs want. [Politico]