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A Group Of Real Estate Activists Urge NY Gov. Cuomo To Sign Airbnb Ad Ban Bill

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Many NYC real estate landlords and developers are part of a coalition that wrote to Gov. Andrew Cuomo (pictured), asking him to sign into law a bill that bans advertising units deemed illegal on online home-sharing sites.

But shared-housing giant Airbnb is fighting the bill, urging Cuomo to veto the legislation because it would further cut off the economic lifeline of middle and lower class New Yorkers who rely on homesharing for income. Groups in support of the ban include real estate developers, unions, tenants and affordable housing activists, making it one of the first initiatives to unify such segmented interests, the NY Daily News reports.

The letter says the bill is not anti-tech, but instead provides a tool to enforce a prior law that already makes homesharing in NYC multifamily units illegal for periods of less than 30 days. [NYDN]