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Monitors, Mice And Money: Employers Spend In Pro-Labor Market

Employers are looking to spend on gear to help workers thrive in a hybrid office environment.

As employees begin filtering back into offices, employers are making sure they find a few extra amenities when they return. A new survey of thousands of corporate leaders and C-suite members by Plugable, a USB-device firm, found they plan to continue to spend on laptops and other devices to keep employees happy in a more competitive labor market.

After spending an average of $400 per employee during last year’s widespread shift to remote work, many plan to spend on tech peripherals this year; a full 87% feel pressure to retain and attract workers, who may be tempted by other job offers promising more flexibility or remote work options.

Companies will likely spend on more IT infrastructure and tech to continue to support more remote work, to help increase productivity and foster corporate culture. This is part of the puzzle of putting together the right plans and policies for a hybrid workplace, and the awkward move back into the office; as well as the right benefits, including a new push for telehealth services.

The survey also found that a majority of employers are most worried about younger workers just starting their careers playing video games or watching Netflix instead of working. 

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