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Deloitte To Offer $500 Work-From-Home Tech Subsidy As Remote Work Solidifies

Deloitte just offered a $500 work-from-home tech subsidy for its employees.

Consulting firm Deloitte announced plans to spend $1B on compensation and benefits last month, including a $500 work-from-home tech subsidy, as part of an effort to retain and attract workers amid pandemic burnout, a labor shortage and a wider push by many employees to find new jobs.

This suite of benefits, including a $1,000 well-being subsidy and 15 paid holidays, is seen as a retention and recruiting tool, according to HR Dive

There has been a benefits boom in the last year, with firms in many industries adding popular initiatives such as identity theft protection, pet insurance, mental health support and group legal benefits to more traditional offerings. It is a reflection of the evolving nature of stay-at-home work and the awareness of the mental toll of the pandemic, as well as a way to attract employees in a difficult labor market.

At a time when the widespread return to the office has been cast into doubt due to surging Covid-19 cases, employers also see the wisdom in making work-from-home more comfortable. Commercial real estate, like other industries, is seeing the high cost of replacing talent and has invested extra money in benefits packages to retain workers, including wellness benefits, training and mentorship.