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Office Software Company Envoy Unveils New Product Platform

Users of fast-growing office management software company Envoy now have a lot more to work with.


Offices of software company Galvanize, an Envoy customer.

The San Francisco-based startup, which has provided visitor management software since 2013, will now move beyond the lobby with a host of new workplace products, from conference room booking to a new employee app, it said in a blog post last week.

With over 13,000 offices already using its guest check-in software, Envoy's new product suite includes Envoy Rooms, which books meeting rooms, and Envoy Mobile, a mobile application for employees and office guests. 

The company's new platform follows its launch of a delivery management product in 2017 and a Series B funding round of $43M the following year, which brought it to $59.5M raised overall. 

With its rollout, Envoy joins an increasingly competitive market of meeting-software providers, like Robin and Teem, founded in 2014 and 2012, respectively. 

Envoy's new platform integrates with over 50 others, like those provided by Slack and Microsoft, and also now accumulates data and presents analytics on things like deliveries. Hulu, Slack and Lululemon Athletica are among its customers.

Envoy was founded by CEO Larry Gadea.