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This Startup Is Making Real Estate Investment As Easy As Buying Stocks

Cadre is based in the Puck Building in New York

Cadre, a 40-person startup nestled on the fifth floor of Manhattan’s Puck building, is introducing a real estate investment platform that lets wealthy people invest in buildings almost as if they were stocks—and it’s raised nearly $70M so far and closed hundreds of millions of dollars in investment volume.

“If I said to you, ‘How would you go about buying that building over there?’ You’d probably say, ‘I don’t know,’” says firm founder Ryan Williams.

That’s because when you invest in real estate, typically the only option is to invest in a real estate fund where you personally have no control over what buildings your money goes into, Tech Insider reports. 

Cadre's platform allows rich people to invest $500k or more into individual properties, buying shares of the building’s equity almost as if it were stock. That’s an innovative approach, and if it spreads to include lower investment amounts, it could help democratize real estate investment. [TechInsider]