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Shipping Container-Built Tower Renderings for Mumbai Slums Resemble Legos

No, those aren't Legos—these building are made up of shipping containers, and are part of SuperSkyScrapers most recent design and architecture contest, Steel City. Architectural firms from around the globe sent in impressive submissions. The competition "investigate[d] the possibility of a temporary adequate housing solution for dwellers of the densely populated Dharavi Slum in Mumbai, India," a rep from third place winner CRG Architectural Consultants said. The two-tower, bridge-like building could house 5,000 residents. But the winner, Shekar Ganti of Ganti & Associates, rendered a 10-unit-high skyscraper that would need little extra support, meaning it would be easy to implement. The panel praised the winner for its "clean configuration" and "clever adjustment of the containers to allow light through to the other modules." Repurposed shipping containers, with their uniform size and shape, and ability to be stacked, may be a future reality. [Curbed]