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This Startup Helps Builders Scope Out Development Sites In Real Time

A new startup could help developers quickly locate suitable new project sites without ever having to leave the office.


The platform uses 3D maps to showcase different development opportunities based on the city’s real-time zoning information, allowing developers to bypass the process of reading complicated zoning codes in order to determine whether or not a project would be feasible, Crain's New York reports.

Manhattan-based Envelope City provides users with an interactive map that shows available lots in the Manhattan area, accounting for maximum square footage, height and shape. The software also allows users to test out different types of buildings such as commercial or residential, or search for additional development rights in order to allow for lot mergers or the transfer of air rights, Crain's reports.

At present, Envelope City is only available in Manhattan, but the company will soon incorporate Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx into its platform. The company recently raised $2M in funding and has raised a total of $4M since its inception in 2015.