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New Platform Has Tenants Posting Yelp-Like Reviews Of Their Office Space

National Technology

Rating restaurants and bars is commonplace, but rating the workplace? That is a new service that Austin, Texas-based tech startup Tenavox has created to help tenants make more informed decisions before entering a lease agreement.


The platform allows office occupiers to post and read reviews about their workplace, and gives potential tenants the ability to gain insights about prospective buildings and their offerings prior to signing a lease, Chron reports.

It works similarly to Yelp by allowing tenants to post, rate and read reviews about office spaces. Since its early 2016 inception, the company has accumulated information on more than 3,000 properties in the Bayou City area. The company plans to provide information on approximately 10,000 Houston-area properties by the end of the year.

While the platform is currently only serving the Houston region, Tenavox will launch in Austin by the end of October and is aiming to be in most major Texas markets by the beginning of 2018.