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From Military Conference Rooms To Corporate Boardrooms, Office Technology Is Adapting To Changing Security Needs


Online and offline, security needs have increased. Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan revealed the company is spending over $400M a year in cybersecurity protection. The position of chief security officer has emerged in boardrooms across the U.S. as companies look for ways to secure their businesses from every line of attack.

For Harman, security is one of its key tenets when working with clients.

As a design and engineering company of connected products for worldwide enterprises, Harman is well-acquainted with ensuring its technology meets the highest level of security demands. The company’s AMX brand has frequently partnered with government and military clients to provide solutions that play a part in protecting lives at home and abroad. Beyond command centers, Harman products run the gamut from conference rooms to courthouses.

Harman outfitted the 300K SF Colorado Army National Guard Training Center with AMX, JBL and Crown audiovisual products. The center installed AMX’s Resource Management Suite, which allows IT and AV managers to monitor audiovisual devices and systems across facilities. The Colorado National Guard also added AMX’s rapid project maker to the system for scheduling automatic conferences and expanded capability for "bring your own device" and the military’s common access cards.

To meet the needs of the U.S. Department of Defense, Harman’s AMX products were tested using the highest level of security standards: the Joint Interoperability Test Command.

Customers on a U.S. DoD network are required to use a JITC-certified project over similar solutions. The certification ensures device components are capable of defending information systems. AMX’s JTIC certification allowed the training center to create a collaborative and innovative education space without compromising the security of instructors and trainees.

Across the entire training center, Harman also ensured a consistent level of service between its audiovisual and control center products. For Harman International Business Development Manager Berk Cotter, standardization is fundamental to ensuring quality service across all industries, military and civilian.

“At the corporate level, the issues these guys are having are related to having consistent standard of AV from room to room,” Cotter said. “A lot of times the rooms are different, they have different gear, there is a lack of familiarity. When people go to use them it is not an intuitive experience.”

Cotter breaks down Harman’s approach into six tenets behind an effective AV strategy: being network-centric, standard-based, scalable, reliable, centrally managed and secure. Using this formula, he can design the best plan of action for any client. 

“That’s going to create the experience that everybody wants,” Cotter said.

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