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E-Commerce: Consumers Are Growing Dissatisfied With Mobile Devices' Search Capabilities, Or Lack Thereof


Search tools are important to e-commerce, with good technology oftentimes meaning the difference between a sale and a lost customer, yet consumers are largely dissatisfied with how their mobile devices perform this basic function.

That’s according to a new RichRelevance study, which found 83% of online consumers consider an online retailer’s search box “important” yet 35% of American shoppers are dissatisfied with the search results they get on a mobile device, RetailDive reports. And with US retail mobile commerce sales on pace to push past $123B this year, up 39% year over year, this is an issue retailers can’t afford to ignore.

Retailers are working to make searches more relevant by using a customer’s previous shopping history to personalize results, and looking to the future, many see mobile voice searches as the next frontier. [RD]