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Meet the CEOs of ByteGrid Holdings and Sidus BioData

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Today, state-of-the-art colocation provider Bytegrid Holdings announced the acquisition of Annapolis-based Sidus BioData, the leading provider of compliant hosting solutions for FDA and HIPAA-HITECH regulated companies. This partnership is particularly beneficial in Maryland, home to ByteGrid’s nine-megawatt, 214k SF Silver Spring flagship, Maryland’s largest multi-tenant data center (pictured), which is positioning itself to become a “go to” provider as Maryland’s community of biotech, life sciences, and federal government users grows. In honor of the acquisition, meet the CEOs Ken Parent (ByteGrid) and Jason Silva (Sidus):

In honor of data center developer ByteGrid’s acquisition of Sidus BioData, a highly compliant private and hybrid cloud services platform, we asked CEO’s Ken Parent and Jason Silva to tell us a little bit more about themselves and the acquisition:

The vision:

Ken: To create something very unique in the industry that delivers unprecedented business value. We are taking our high-quality data centers into underserved markets and are now adding an incredibly high specialization in compliance. We want to build the industry’s most compliant hosting platform and set the bar at the highest level possible.

What this means for ByteGrid regarding life sciences and health IT industries:

Ken: Before Sidus we had a small but growing client base in healthcare and life sciences. After Sidus, we are truly compliant and are instantly established in the Biotech and Health Care arenas. We now look to further penetrate these markets including the booming life sciences community right here in our backyard in Montgomery County.

Bragworthy ByteGrid details:

Ken: Since our inception, we’ve gone from zero to 60 faster than anyone in the industry. We have achieved 100% growth year-over-year, which is noteworthy considering the capital intensive nature of our business.

Clients Sidus brings to the equation:

Jason: Pulse 8, POMS, Complion, Imaging Endpoint, Virtify

What the acquisition means for ByteGrid:

Ken: It is an important step in our goal to deliver unprecedented business value.

What the acquisition means for Sidus:

Jason: The acquisition allows Sidus to extend its compliant hosting solutions to Bytegrid’s nationwide footprint of enterprise data centers.

Proudest career moment (besides this acquisition):

Ken: Taking ByteGrid from nascent to nine data centers and max growth in just over three years.

Jason: When I ascended to CEO of Sidus in 2010.

Proudest non-career moment:

Ken: Marrying the perfect woman and raising three wonderful girls.

Jason: Becoming president of the Chesapeake Regional Technology Council. I am able to support the incredible technology sector in the Baltimore/Washington region.

Childhood career aspiration:

Ken: US Open Champion

Jason: Car designer

Best advice ever heard:

Ken: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I know it sounds like a throw-away line, but anyone who has faced real diversity knows its truth.

Jason: My grandmother: remember where you came from.

Best advice to give:

Ken: You will fail from time to time. Everyone does. Accept and embrace your mistakes and take comfort in knowing you won’t make them again.

Favorite thing to nerd out on:

Ken: iPad brain games

Jason: Anything to do with 1980s obscure European cars

Three deserted island survival tools:

Jason: A knife, fire starter, and water purification tablets.

Must-haves for a long flight:

Ken: My iPod and IPad

Jason: iPad

On their iPods:

Ken: Everything from classical to '80s punk.

Jason: The entire Beatles collection

Best vacation ever:

Ken: My wife’s 40th birthday party when we chartered a boat and sailed around the Caribbean--spectacular!

Jason: Driving trip around Germany visiting automobile museums.