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Zipping Through Customs

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One of AOL Fishbowl Labs’ newest startups is Airside Mobile, a company that’s been tackling air travel since 2009. Founders Hans Miller (pictured) and Adam Tsao are working on a new app to launch this summer that lets travelers skip the two- to five-hour Customs line. The app goes beyond what Customs has already done with its Global Entry membership program where travelers pay $100, provide background check info, and fingerprints, and get fast-tracked through the process. Travelers can input all their security info into Airside Mobile’s app, which sends it to Customs for an encrypted and coded answer within minutes. No pre-registration, fees, or background checks will be required. 


Airside Mobile worked with HMSHost to develop B4 You Board in 2011 to deliver food to travelers at gates at five airports. Hans says the six-person company is trying to address one of the biggest pain points of travel: waiting in long lines, whether for Customs, food, or other parts of the travel experience. Airside Mobile is working closely with Customs and Border Patrol and airport authorities. The CIT-backed company is offering the apps for free to consumers and is working on extending its revenue models, including licensing agreements. The Customs app will be tested at a “major airport” for its pilot release.

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