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The Talent Inside 1776

National Tech

We’ve been getting to know some of the 200 startups living at 1776. This week we chatted with David Fairbrothers, who started Dorsata with Dr. Daniel Gibson in late ’11. Its product lets doctors document treatment plans and clinical pathways on mobile, desktop, and within electronic medical records and share with other doctors. Most of this info is paper-based, which makes it impossible for health systems to establish processes for treatment. David says health systems are starting to shift to a pay-for-performance model, which is forcing them to do something about establishing processes and standards for reducing wasteful spending. Dorsata’s client and investor is Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, with more health systems in discussions. And there are plans to grow the team significantly this year. 


Beyonic is based in DC but does most of its work in Uganda and soon Kenya. Founder Dan Kleinbaum (middle) tells us the software allows people working in remote areas to receive their paychecks through text message. Over 80% of the Ugandan population has mobile phones, making it an easy way to receive money and use it for payment. Customers so far are NGOs and nonprofits that traditionally have bussed their employees to a major city to hand them a paycheck. Dan, who started the company with grad school friend, Luke Kyohere (left), says the goal this year is to expand from four to 15 customers, raise funding to expand to more countries, and hire operational and sales people. They're here with another grad school friend, Ronald Miller, who's helping with marketing.