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Hands-Free Selfie?

National Tech

Exofab has sold over 40,000 of its iPhone cases throughout Europe. And now the two-man team is hitting the US. Best friends and Exofab founders George Boosalis, who lives in Falls Church, Va., and Agapios Papadamantiou, who lives in Greece, are meeting with major US retailers and have started marketing the case through online advertising. The sticky but thin gel cover sticks to glass, so it’s being marketed as the first hands-free selfie phone case. The stickiness was a hit in Europe with night clubs and bars selling the cases to patrons.


George is married to Kalomira, a popular Greek pop star who won the talent show Fame Story. Development of the $35 case started three years ago with the help of 3M to create an adhesive sticky enough to hold the case for 12 months but not so sticky that it ruins the phone or sticks to the inside of pockets or purses. The cases, which are sold through Amazon, can also be personalized with buttons of sports teams, flags, or special holidays that lay over the Apple icon. The Exofab team, which is getting mentored by Lemur founder Will Fuentes, says the company is capitalized but they’re interested in bringing on VCs and angels with retail connections.