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Everything You Need To Know About #DealDay

National Tech

Startup entrepreneurs and coders: “Uncle Sam wants you!” TandemNSI brings us #DealDay on Wednesday, May 7, at Artisphere in Arlington, Va. TandemNSI founder Jonathan Aberman, with innovation and strategic partnerships director Jennifer Ives, says there’s money and opportunity to innovate in cutting-edge areas with national security agencies: robotics, Big Data, cybersecurity, space, 3D printing, and many others. National security agencies DARPA, DHS, DIA and others need new tech and want your help to solve big problems, launch new startups, and expand existing businesses. Learn how to tap into these big opportunities. Hear from experienced entrepreneurs who have successfully hacked the system and who have grown great national security-funded startups. Discuss funding opportunities, where national security agencies will pay you to develop products and approaches to big problems, and accelerate entrepreneurial success. Tickets and seating are limited. Educate yourself and RSVP here.