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Obama’s Green Initiative Could Have Construction Firms Cleaning Up


While President Obama’s Clean Power Plan could raise electricity prices for consumers, it may also be a gold mine for industrial construction firms. The proposal—now in its final version—requires power plants (particularly coal plants) to reduce emissions. And while states may approach this in any way they wish, millions of plants will either have to be modified or built to meet Obama’s standards, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports. Analysts say that low natural gas prices and Obama’s regulations could cause industrial construction companies to have increased bidding power and opportunities for new plants. Solar and wind energy may also see a boost, which is good news for firms with that specialty, such as BayWa. It is uncertain, however, whether states will choose to follow the restrictions in the first place, since some governors, like Bobby Jindal, have openly stated their refusal to comply with the federal provisions. [T-P]