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Here’s 25 Rentable Private Islands (Yes, This Is a Thing)


As the summer winds down (unless you're in a tropical climate), it won't be long before it's time to break out the coats—or escape to your winter retreat. While many flee to sunny South Florida, some high rollers have taken it a step further, buying their own man-made, portable private islands (yes, that is also a thing). But what if you and your friends could have a tropical paradise all of your own, but without the yearly maintenance or a Richard Branson-sized bank account? Business Insider and HomeAway compiled a list of 25 super luxurious ultimate island getaways that will give you and your friends access to a 173-foot yacht, a portable movie screen, private jogging trails, butler and maid service, and every other amenity you could possibly imagine. With some priced as low as $914 a night, you can get your island paradise without breaking the bank. [BI]