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Ecologic Furniture's High Marks for Design

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Ecologic Furniture's High Marks for Design

Ecologic Furniture

Ecologic Furniture, through its partnerships with universities anddevelopers of student housing, makes the grade with cutting edge design, durability, and sustainable furniture (its been agreen proponent for 23 years). While Ecologic builds products to customers specifications, it encourages the use of recycled steeland plastic, fast growing or FSC Certified hardwoods, and PVC-free recycled EcoLeather. Ecologic Furniture has worked onmany of the largest student housing developments in thecountry including a 2,500-bed installation over 28 floors andnumerous LEED-certified projects over the past several years. Ifyou have questions regarding furniture solutions for your nextproject, please call our sponsor, Ecologic Furniture, at 847-234-5855 or email at

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