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This Is Why CEOs Are Worried About The 2016 Presidential Campaigns


America’s biggest CEOs are worried about the populist tone this presidential campaign is taking.

In particular, they are afraid the upcoming president may derail the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a sweeping 12-nation trade pact that many businesses support (but many labor unions do not), and that the rhetoric of the election could damage consumer confidence while harming immigration reform, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Not surprisingly, big business execs tend to dislike Bernie Sanders and his unflinching positions on financial regulation and trade, instead seeing Clinton as the most business-friendly option given her close relation to corporate donors and emphasis on pragmatism.

On the Republican side, CEOs worry about Trump’s policy of imposing stiff tariffs against the country’s largest trading partners, chiefly China. And Charles Koch, industrial magnate and enormous political donor, said he wasn’t sure whether he would back either Trump or Cruz, saying he’s open to supporting Clinton instead. [WSJ]