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Colliers Expert Says Chinese Investors Will Back Away From U.S. In Favor Of Asia


Chinese investors have flocked to U.S. real estate, pouring rivers of cash into America's property markets the last few years. But moving forward that may change. 

Colliers International executive director of Asia research Andrew Haskins said Chinese investors are set to reverse course and throw money into Asian markets as yuan depreciation slows, Bloomberg reports. Haskins said Chinese investors are wary of President Donald Trump’s protectionism and are less inclined to invest in American properties.

Asian investment in U.S. properties peaked at $33B in 2015, but last year it dropped 12% to $29.1B. Chinese investment made up 17.4% of total real estate investments into Asian markets last year, and Haskins said that number is only going to climb this year at the expense of U.S. markets.